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Nara Narayan Seva
Nara Narayan Seva is the most important work / charity of Sri Kanchakanti Seva Samity. Near about one lac devotees get cooked Prasad in various solial and religious activities conducted by the samity like as Barshik Utsav, Sharadiya Durga Puja, Basanti Puja, Upanayan and on other various occasions.

Social Marriage
Kanchakanti Seva Samity conducts marriage in accordance with provision of the shastrya following by the Indian Marriage Act and by which hundreds of poor couples get benefits in every year.

Society conducts upanayan for the poor Brahmins as per hindu shastrya every year.

Financial Assistance
Samity provides financial assistance to poor and helpless widows by providing monthly old age pension. Further samity provides examination fees, books, unifors etc to the poor students.

Insurance Claim
Samity provides financial aids to the poor patients for medical treatment. Samity further assists in arranging medical claim from the insurance company to it’s employee / volunteers for their medical treatment.

Cloth Donation
In every year, samity arranges sarees / cloths for distribution among the poor of the local area.


She is the mother of bounty and wealth and also beauty and knowledge. Maa Kanchakanti deals with the purity, truth and facts of life.

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